Talent development grant by Creative Industries NL

Talent development grant by Creative Industries NL

Tuesday, July 25, 2023 was the day. I received the results of the Talent Development subsidy from the Creative Industries Fund NL. I had signed up for this just before the last minute (offcourse) full of uncertainty. I remember how I felt about it and what I said to Glenda (who is a scout at the fund and forwarded me the tip): 'Wow, I'm honored that you thought of me.'

The words in my head: 'But this is for real makers, people who can actually do something, not for me...' I suddenly became very aware of that thought. I wondered why I thought that way and what I based it on. At the same time, I had just crossed some internal barriers on my creative path, so it still tickled me.

I signed up, recorded a video, pitched and received €1000 (!) to write a plan and then submitted this plan after 3000 rereads. This day I got the results. My heart pounded in my throat and of course I couldn't find my password to open the decision.


'Congratulations! You have been selected to pitch during the scout night!' Your pitch should not be longer than 3 minutes. I found it all so incredibly exciting from this point on. After practicing my pitch, no jokes, 35 times and recording it 30 times to make sure it was 2.5 minutes, it was time to pitch on March 9. I went to pitch my idea to hopefully receive 25,000 euros to spend on my development as a maker! insane.

Write the plan

After a nerve-wracking pitch, after which I of course had to cry again from the tension, I was told that I made it through with 4 others. I received no less than €1000 to present a well-thought-out plan to the committee. I immediately spent this amount on coaching and writing assistance for my plan. I am currently still following coaching with Eline Levering from Kunst in de Kijker, who helped me write te plan and also a friend of my father Erik Jansen Copywriting helped me put the finishing touches on text structure.

You also had to provide a complete budgetplan for your development year and a schedule. After I submitted version 11.4 it was beyond my control. Now it was a matter of waiting.

The outcome

Then the moment finally arrived. I was chatting with a colleague at the pub when I received an email: 'result of subsidy application for the creative industry incentive fund'. My heart was beating so hard and of course I couldn't find my password right away and it took forever before I could open the decision. When I finally succeeded, my eyes scanned the three-sided letter for words that indicated a result until I saw: 'positive' and 'grant' and 'congratulations'.

REAL? read again. It really was. Wow. This was such a special moment for me in so many ways. It's just money and it's just recognition, but sometimes that can really give your goals and your self-confidence such a huge boost that you suddenly dare to take a lot of steps at a much faster pace. These steps are also easier because you are no longer financially inhibited.

I concluded my development plan with this outlook into the future:


The Future

Curious about what this subsidy has meant for Tessa? We spoke with Tessa from the future sometime in December 2024: “Last year I made big steps in my autonomous projects. Because I had more space to do research and gain inspiration, these projects have gained more depth and I have been able to appeal to a larger audience. The courses and training enabled me to specialize in materials that I enjoy working with. I also now know more about proportion, which makes me feel more confident in design and implementation. In addition, I have felt more free in approaching models with other body shapes. This has made my work more inclusive. The space and time created by the subsidy allowed me to fully immerse myself in the arts and culture sector. I made many contacts and talked a lot about my work. I now have a clear idea of ​​suitable exhibition spaces where my work will be well received. This information has grown into a realistic future plan through the personal development process. I have a good idea of ​​my network and I gain fruitful knowledge and useful connections from it. Previously I had difficulty seeing and presenting myself as an artist. Without an education, I didn't belong there anyway. During the scout night I felt really seen for the first time. The subsidy from the Creative Industries NL has given me a feeling of recognition and an enormous dose of self-confidence. My projects and couture have been given a clear page on my website. I now proudly refer people from the sector to these pages. I feel confident as an artist and I am ready for a new year.”



Now, october 2023

I actually still have to pinch myself regularly. I feel really blessed with this grant and I am making much bigger and faster steps than before. Above all, I really feel supported. Also especially with the whole mental part of being a maker. You will be supported in this by the Creative Industries NL, but also by my coach and the collective of makers that you will join. I can also do a lot more research and really give my ideas time to develop them properly. I work hard, but I enjoy it to the fullest. 

Wat ik tot nu toe met het geld heb gedaan

- I started the lingerie studies with Nancy van Vliet. Here I learn to make lingerie and corsets. I learn about proportion and material knowledge. As most of you may know, I didn't go to school for fashion. So I am now really learning the technical background of my work and that gives me a lot of self-confidence because I am also building my technical skills.

- I am following a personal development program with Eline Levering from Kunst in de Kijker. We talk one-on-one with her about my role as a maker. Where I struggle personally as a maker but also professionally. We also look at how we can make my work more visible and communicate and present it better. Eline knows a lot about the art world and gives me tips about communicating with customers, how I organize my network, but also about how I can have my sketches printed and sold as merchandise, for example. But I also learn how to deal with myself as an artist. A very wide range and I always enjoy the sessions with her.

- I had a short documentary made about the start of my project. This gives you a look behind the scenes and a personal view of me as a maker. This will be part of my portfolio and is also a piece of communication to my audience.

- I am following a group program with Sophie from Buro Beat. It's called 'On the Map'. I mainly focus on the commercial aspect of my work. I focus on how I can get more rentals and sales and connect more with my purchasing audience, but also how I work for the future on the involvement of people who, for example, will visit my exhibitions or film screenings.

- I am continuing to work on the development of my portfolio plan and THE SHADOW (formerly Les Finns and US project.) This also runs together with the coaching. Together with Noel Oosterhof I am mainly working on the film adaptation of 'C0CAINE', my most recent project about addiction. It is part of a 5-part series on topics that we as humans often find difficult to face. Last year I started with the first piece: 'CHAOS'.

This year I will mainly spend on developing 'C0CAINE'.

I work on this project with enormous passion and pleasure.

For more information on the Grant check: Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie

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